Lunar Eclipse 10/08/2014

Woke up at 2am to photograph the eclipse at the St. Johns Bridge in Portland.   Ran into a few fellow photographers that I know.  Had a great time running around the bridge and dodging cars to make these photos!

West Lake Park At Night

West Lake Park near my hotel in Fuzhou was a great place to wander around at night.  Full of people wandering the dimly lit pathways, and and hundreds of people gathered to do what they call "square dancing" in the park.


Winter Waterfalls

We had a nice 5 year storm here in the Northwest that gave us a rare week of snow on two separate occasions, and brought freezing temperatures to many of the waterfalls in the region.


Seattle 10-05-2013

Made a trip up to Seattle recently to shoot the usual cityscapes at night.  It's been about 6 years since I've been up here, having come with my first DSLR, a Nikon D80, 6 years ago.   


First stop was sunset at Kerry Park.  What a change from 6 years ago.  There were maybe a handful of people here the first time I visited.  On this evening,  I was lucky to even find a place to park, and even luckier that someone walked away from the solid wall of people at the railing overlooking this view. 


After the sunset ended my family and I left to find dinner.  We returned after dark to find the park still crowded, but with the same amazing views I remember. 


A parting panorama and then off to see the other views.  Ones I didn't know about 6 years ago. 


Here is the now infamous 12th street bridge scene.  The bridge itself was crowded with several photographers - of course.  I made my way up and down the bridge to shoot the familiar scene I've been admiring in pictures for the last few years.  One the way back to the car, I spied a fenced off grassy area that looked promising.  Turns out it was an off-leash dog park that while technically closed, afforded the nice view seen here through some convenient holes in the fence, no doubt cut by some photographer years ago.


We visited a few other spots, but I have yet to process those images.  Overall a short but productive photo trip up to Seattle.